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And 47 percent of parents who smoke say they’ve gotten blazed with their adult kids.

While we already know that more Americans are growing comfortable with the idea of legalizing weed, a new poll from Yahoo News and Marist suggests that smoking weed is no longer a taboo subject between parents and their adult children.

The poll—which surveyed 1,122 Americans over the age of 18 about a multitude of weed-related issues—found that 60 percent of parents who smoke a few times a year said their adult children know about it, Yahoo reports. Additionally, 72 percent of adult children who smoke weed said their parents know they do it.

On top of that, a whopping 47 percent of parents (whose kids know about their weed use) said they’ve smoked weed in front of or with their adult kids. Roughly a quarter of adults say they’ve smoked pot with or in front of their parents. Furthermore, 52 percent of people who have smoked weed say they’re more concerned about their kids smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, having sex, or cheating on a test than them getting stoned.

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