Nuken Marijuana – 80% Indica Dominant Cannabis
The Nuken strain of medical-grade marijuana is a cross between a God Bud female and a Kish male. God Bud is of course one of the world’s most demanded purple skunk strains; famous for its deep body stones and trouble-free growing ability. Kish is a double crossed Shishkaberry, a strain that produces heavy, resinous buds and also generates an Indica-dominant body-centered buzz. Very Strongly-Relaxing Indica Body Stones That Are Best Experienced In The Evenings…

If you’re looking for an Indica-dominant strain of medicinal cannabis to help you combat chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety and/or stress, then Nuken should be near the top of your list. She tastes like marshmallows melted down with stirred-in skunk piss and produces room-reaking aromas that demand incense for covering. Nuken marijuana will make your body and mind relax deeply and peacefully. She’s not recommended for work breaks, driving or anything else that demands a whole lot of mental/physical involvement.

As Low As $7.20/Gram
Rated 4.00 out of 5