Sour Diesel Marijuana is one of the top popular sativa dominant strains, with a level of sativa upwards to 90 percent, you wont need much to enjoy Sour Diesel’s quick and long lasting effects. Sour Diesel is a very uplifting and euphoric marijuana strain that comes from a mix of Chemdawg and Super Skunk, Northern Lights or some other Mexican sativa. Because of its very potent effects, Sour Diesel has been used extensively by medical patients for the relief of anxiety, and depression as well as it’s use for chronic aches, pain and fatigue. Uplifting Sour Diesel or what most call Sour D, allows you to express your creative side so its good to be used in the morning or daytime. Sour D is the choice of many for daily use, because of its quick acting and very long lasting effects and its potent diesel and lemon smell. Sour Diesel will give a quick head high and will leave its users with a very potent cerebral euphoria, making you chatty and social in a group environment or introspective if alone to do some deep thinking.

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