Viper Cannabis

Viper Marijuana marijuana strain is a very euphoric sativa heavy mix with a 90% sativa and 10% indica combination. Viper marijuana is extremely high THC at over 20% so it’s great for daytime energy use with its buzzy cerebral highs and amusing socially active effects. Viper marijuana strain is very fast acting right off the start and a small amount will last a long time. Viper will give yo a quick lift of energy and the strains effect on your creativity levels is great too. The powerful Viper Marijuana strain is best used for treating chronic pain, glaucoma, stress, and tension headaches. Viper’s sweet spicy cheese roots are from Burmese Landrace and a mexican X Blackseed strains, with oversized buds that have lots of orange hairs and sticky resin. If your looking for a great strain with lots of energy Viper is a great choice.

As Low As $9.60/Gram
Rated 5.00 out of 5