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Vermont Just Moved One Step Closer to Legalizing Weed

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The House approved a bill on Wednesday that could make the state the first to legalize pot without voter initiative. As federal politics continued to devolve in DC this week, state legislators in Vermont came together to pass a bill that would legalize small amounts of marijuana for recreational use in the state. The bill […]

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Additionally, support for marijuana remains split along party lines. There was a 20 percent gap between the way Democrats and Independents feel about weed compared to Republicans. While more than 60 percent of both Independents and Democrats think pot should be legal, only about 40 percent of Republicans felt the same way. Even though the federal government still classifies […]

More and More Americans Are Down with Weed, Survey Says

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The number of Americans who think weed should be legalized grew to 57 percent in 2016, a new survey found. Attorney General Jeff Sessions might believe weed is only “slightly less awful” than heroin, but a new nationwide survey indicates a majority of the country seems to have a more positive outlook on the drug, the Washington […]

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And 47 percent of parents who smoke say they’ve gotten blazed with their adult kids. While we already know that more Americans are growing comfortable with the idea of legalizing weed, a new poll from Yahoo News and Marist suggests that smoking weed is no longer a taboo subject between parents and their adult children. The poll—which […]

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The study offers more insight into the way adults—across various generations—view marijuana use now that it’s become more mainstream and legal recreationally in eight states and Washington, DC. Still, while 83 percent of the survey’s respondents said they believed weed should be available for medical use, only 49 percent believe it should be legal for recreational toking. […]