The Best Marijuana Strains for Sleep and Relaxation

The Best Strains For Sleeping and Relaxing

Top 11 list of Marijuana Strains for the Best Sleep and Relaxing

If your looking to find the best strain for sleeping and relaxation, we got you covered. Generally speaking, Indica Strains tend to be better for sleep aids for insomnia. The popular opinion that indica strains tend to induce heavier, sleepier effects while sativas are known to be uplifting, even energizing. Take a look at our highest sleepy strains and you’ll see Death Bubba and Granddaddy Purps but lots of people swear by our Chem Dawg too . Although chemical and DNA testing have yet to show exactly why indicas typically make better sleep aids, some theorize that it has to do with the high terpene content. Terpenes are the aromatic compounds that contribute to each strain’s special effect fingerprint. In other words, indicas may contain more of the relaxing, sedating terpenes than its sativa relatives but you will have to try on our top strains for yourself so we made a great list below for you.

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OrderStrain NameRelaxedSleepyTypeTHCCBDIndicaSativa
1Death Bubba10074Indica250.357030
2Granddaddy Purps10071Indica230.137525
3Chem Dawg10069Hybrid220.505545
5Pink Death10066Indica230.753070
6Blue Cheese10064Indica200.358020
7Purple Candy10058Indica191.005050
8Pink Champagne10054Indica230.138020
9Super Mario10052Hybrid250.606040
11Pink Kush10047Hybrid201.009010

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