Highest Sativa Marijuana Strains

The Highest Sativa Marijuana Strains

Top 11 list of Marijuana Strains for the Highest Sativa

In general, the effect of sativa strains is often described as a strong and uplifting head high, while indicas tend to produce a more body-centred, stoned effect. Some of the effects you can expect from a high sativa strain are that it will give you feelings of well-being and at-ease, they will be Up-lifting and you’ll have cerebral thoughts, SAtiva will stimulate and energize, as well as an increases focus and creativity and fights depression. PotDispense marijuana strains have some of the highest amounts of CBD and THC so here is the top sativa list for yout to buy online. Viper marijuana come in a high first place but don’t discount the other top contenders too lie Sour Diesel and our favorite Super Lemon Haze.

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OrderStrain NameSativaIndicastrainTHCCBD
2Sour Diesel8020Sativa220.20
3Super Lemon Haze8020Sativa210.18
4Agent Orange7525Hybrid190.14
5Blueberry Cheesecake7525Hybrid200.50
6Moby Dick7525Sativa110.33
7Pink Death7030Indica230.75
8Sour Ambrosia7030Sativa160.16
9Alien OG6040Hybrid280.84
10Bruce Banner6040Hybrid210.53
11Pineapple Express6040Hybrid260.17


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