Top 11 Best Marijuana Strains to Make You Hungry

Top 11 List of The Best Marijuana Strains to Make You Hungry

Top 11 List of The Best Marijuana Strains to Make You Hungry

We made a list for our top marijuana strains that make you hungry for people who need to gain weight and want to kick start their appetites. One of the top marijuana strains that will induce hunger is cali Kush with its mostly Indica qualities. God Green Crack is another strain to make you hungry if your looking for a little bit more sativa and energy at the same time. While there are many strains that makes your hunger grow and the reason is that THC doesn’t just increase your appetite, it down right makes you feel famished with uncontrollable hunger. When you buy our marijuana online, be sure to pick up a bag of munchies with these ones , you’ll definitely be hungry after these marijuana strains.

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OrderStrain NameHungryTypeTHCCBDIndicaSativa
1Cali Kush Bomb64Hybrid270.606040
2God Green Crack59Hybrid240.145545
3Chem Dawg58Hybrid220.505545
4Big Buddha Cheese52Hybrid150.295050
5Granddaddy Purps49Indica230.137525
6Girl Scout Cookie48Hybrid210.176040
7Gorilla Glue47Hybrid230.595050
9Super Mario47Hybrid250.606040
10Strawberry Cheesecake45Indica222.007030
11Blue Cheese42Indica200.358020

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