Best Marijuana Strains to Give You Energy

Top 7 List of The Best Marijuana Strains to Make You Energetic

Top 7 List of The Best Marijuana Strains to Make You Energetic

Here is the Best Marijuana Strains to Make You Energetic if your feeling you need some more energy. There are many reasons why you would want to buy weed online at PotDispense. If your prone to lethargy or are constantly tired, you could pick up an energy drink or you can buy one of the energetic strains we have listed below like Viper marijuana or our Super Lemon Haze strain. Next time your looking to get stuff done, and need a boost in energy, try our Sour Diesel for a fix because of its high sativa content. Some of the reasons why the marijuana strains are in our energy list are due to the lower CBD content. CBD acts to reduce the effects of the THC but on average, sativa plants have more THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) than their indica counterparts. These strains give you an energetic boost to any time of the day, and we highly recommend them.

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OrderStrain NameEnergeticTypeTHCCBDIndicaSativa
2Super Lemon Haze90Sativa210.182080
3Agent Orange81Hybrid190.142575
4Sour Diesel78Sativa220.202080
5Sour Ambrosia67Sativa160.163070
6Pineapple Express61Hybrid260.174060
7Moby Dick59Sativa110.332575

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